My interest in making jewellery started over 30 years ago and I have been fascinated by textiles for even longer.  Inspiration comes from living abroad plus natural textures.  Now finally settled in Norfolk, the pattern of the local landscape, flora and fauna feature strongly in my work.

I love the tactile qualities of both metal and fabric and the feeling of connecting with past makers.  Many of the tools used by jewellers have scarcely changed in centuries.  Re-cycled fabrics are incorporated in the rag rugs and other textiles.
I teach rag rug making from home plus work to commission and take part in Norfolk Open Studios.  Some work is available in local galleries.  I give lectures and workshops on rag rugs, am a member of Produced in Norfolk, Ragtime, the West Norfolk Artists Association and the International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers.
Recently I have exhibited in England and the USA and contributed to rug hooking publications.
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